Sunday, 10 October 2010

Duck Legs

I've read other blogs where people mention how delicious duck legs are when cooked sous vide, so just had to try that as my second experiment.

I removed the fat from the legs and sprinkled on a little salt and pepper before sealing them. I cooked them for 19 hours at 60.0 degrees C then I got afraid that this was not going to be hot enough so I increased the temp to 80.0C for the last five hours.

The result was lovely. The meat came away from the bone in large, juicy chunks and tasted very nice. There was an amazing amount of juice left in the bag which I added to a red wine/orange juice/honey/cranberry/mushroom reduction and it was absolutely fantastic.

For my taste the meat, although delicious, was not pink enough so I am going to try 70.0C for 24 hours next time.

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